Here at MGI we believe that furniture is the key element for any interior space.

We strive to satisfy the multi-faceted needs of our clients. Stemming from designs classic to modern, MGI has the ability to customize any piece of furniture.

We pride ourselves in our custom cabinetry for kitchens, baths, family rooms and libraries. We provide excellent antique reproductions and all styles of case goods and upholstery. Our craftsmen are experts with inlays and hand-carving.

We offer and expansive array of top quality finishes,only adding to the art of our superior construction and design. MGI offers all clients the most scientific, precise,and artistic products for Residential and Hospitality specification.

By executing outstanding design, MGI strives to create a unique and rare relationship between their products and their design clients. MGI expanded the company by introducing it's own signature furniture line designed by Oliver Caballero.

His creations are tastefully influenced by both modern and timeless classical design, which reflect comfort, beauty,and superior quality. Grimaldi's hard workand perseverance built and extraordinary clientele with some of America's top domestic an international design professional's.